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West Seattle Running Club

Come run with us!

If you like to run and could use some extra motivation, come and experience the benefits of being part of a supportive group of runners.


Support and encouragement for all paces

West Seattle Running Club is a social and casual running club for all levels. We provide support and encouragement to each other in achieving our running goals and in having fun along the way.

If you want to get serious about a running goal, whether it’s crossing the finish line of a 5K or qualifying for Boston, here’s how being a part of West Seattle Running Club can help:

  • Running will become part of your weekly routine.
  • You can share goals and achievements with other people who are genuinely interested.
  • You’ll be more motivated to train in all seasons.
  • You’ll meet other people who will love to talk about running and compare gadgets.
  • You’ll be inspired to set new goals.
  • You’ll learn new training routes.
  • You can compare notes and get tips from experienced runners, and you’ll be able to share your experience with others.
  • You’ll have support at races.
  • You’ll have new cross-training buddies.

Since 1994

Founded in 1994, West Seattle Running Club is all about creating opportunities for runners of all levels to meet others and find support and encouragement in achieving their personal goals — and to have fun together on the way.